Handmade Masks to give you that inner sparkle.

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Made from Scratch

I hand cut and machine sew all my masks to assure quality made with the care and attention your face deserves.

Key Features

All of masks feature:

  • Nose wire and sleek design for superior fit — no slip or steamy glasses!
  • Machine Washable
  • Sizes: Adult Men / Adult Women / Kids 0-2 / Kids 0-6 / Kids 7-12
  • 2 layer 100% Quilters Cotton
  • Tie or Elastic with toggles options 
  •  Filter Pocket available upon request

Hometown Flavor

Gators masks are available with other teams on request.


While these masks are made from high-quality cotton with a tight weave, this face mask has not undergone health grade product testing and is not meant to replace a surgical or N96 face mask for COVID-19 prevention.